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Concept of service i.e. maintenance originated with the evolution of universe. Everything produced by God the supreme being needs maintenance to continue its daily existence efficiently. Mother Nature is the perfect example of the most complete & brilliant maintenance engineer, which maintains everything created by God.

With the development of electronics industry & its phenomenal growth the maintenance or service has become backbone for the growth of the electronic industry. Maintenance itself as the customer support industry for after sales support has become integrated part of the marketing strategy of any electronic industry.

With such a wide variety to choose from the quality conscious consumer will obviously opt for the brand which is trusted worldwide for their product quality & world class after sales service. “The Better The Service, The Greater The Market Share.”

About the proprietor

Mahesh Dagar, a technocrat with 20 years of experience, with a view to provide one stop solution for component level repairs for technical products started M R Group of companies. He himself has in-depth knowledge of component level repairs for products like: Projectors (DLP/LCD); Plasma, Camcorders, LCD TVs, High end Audio/Video integrated systems also have immense knowledge for Home appliances like Microwave, high end refrigerators etc.  He has worked in India as well as in Singapore since last 10 years. Thus he is well aware of the international updates on the new techniques and methods in customer care.